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Chicken Caesar Salad With Homemade Croutons

There are a few things I miss not being able to bread and one of them is a tasty chicken caesar salad. I hate it when I go out for lunch and I have to tell the waiter no croutons for me. Well it just so happens that I have found a way to make lovely wheat and gluten free croutons. These are easy and take minutes to make. I use off the shelf wheat and gluten free bread. I like Genius brand (UK) and have used both the brown, white and seeded bread for this, and they all work a treat. I have used other brands but always go back to Genius.

To start make the croutons and the salad dressing and put to one side.


Really really quick fake croutons.

Low fat homemade caesar dressing.

I know essentially that most salad dressings are probably wheat and gluten free. However you would be surprised where wheat and gluten can and will be sneaked into the most innocent of food stuffs. I have found over the years that if make my own food and sauces then I know exactly what ingredients are in my food. It also means a lot less time reading labels in the shop as as well! Then I know there is no danger of accidentally eating some wheat or gluten and suffering the terrible consequences.


Chicken caesar salad.


Eat and enjoy.

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