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Top 3 Menu Modifications At Fast Food Restaurants (newsy-allvideos)

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Fast food. It's a lot of people's guilty pleasure. But did you know your favorite item might be getting dropped from Chipotle's menu? Or that Pizza Hut is finally helping their gluten-free customers out? Here are your top three fast-food menu changes of the week.
First up, Chipotle is going pork-free — at least for the moment. (Video via Youtube)
The Mexican food chain found one of its pork suppliers wasn't following the company's standards.
According to Chipotle's website, it only buys pork from farmers **"whose pigs are raised outside or in deeply bedded pens, are never given antibiotics and are fed a vegetarian diet."**
So instead of quickly finding another pork supplier, Chipotle made the executive decision to remove the meat from 600 of its locations.
A spokesman for the company told ABC, **"This is fundamentally an animal welfare decision, and is rooted in our unwillingness to compromise our standards where animal welfare is concerned."**
A similar incident happened last year when Chipotle was forced to either stop selling beef-filled menu items or lower their standards when a global beef shortage occurred.
A writer for Business Insider pointed out the chain ultimately decided to sell what it called …

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